Spring Forward (Daylight Savings Time)

Spring ForwardDon't forget to set your clocks forward by 1 hour on Sunday March 10th, 2024 starting at 2am.




Cast Everything Out

March 3, 2024 by
Ed Vinson

From this passage of Abraham casting out Hagar & Ishmael, we have a pattern for how we cast sin out of our lives as we embrace God's plan for our…

Repeat Offenders

February 25, 2024 by
Ed Vinson

Pastor Ed shares four principles from this story of Abraham on how God treats repeat offenders.

A Fresh Encounter With God

February 11, 2024 by
Ed Vinson

Pastor Ed shares about Abraham's encounter with God after 13 years of silence where God revealed Himself afresh, gave him a new name and confirmed his covenant by circumcision.

Ed Vinson

Pastor Ed share's Hagar's story, which teaches us about having patience with God's Word, will & ways and how He reaches out to us in our pain.

The Great Exchange

January 28, 2024 by
Ed Vinson

Pastor Ed shares how God cut a covenant with Abraham, which parallels the covenant that he cut with us thru Jesus.

Leave It All Behind

January 7, 2024 by
Ed Vinson

Pastor Ed shares the principles found in the text of leaving everything to obey God's call to the Promised Land.