A Note From The Pastor

This Pastor’s email will be more personal than usual.  Our granddaughter, Florence, moved to Memphis on Sunday.  Her dad and mom went, too!  Julie plans to stay home with her and Kyle begins a two-year fellowship in retinal surgery at the Charles Retina Institute.  Just as she is calling me Papa, she moves away.

I’m scheduled for a total hip replacement on July 17th.  I was surprised to learn that I am bone-on-bone and need to get this done.  If you have gone through this procedure, I’d love to hear about your experience.  Also, if you have any equipment that made life easier immediately afterward that I could borrow and return, that would be great.

I plan to be out of the pulpit three Sundays.  Pastor Charles will be preaching.  Thank you for your prayers for a speedy recovery.

A Note From The Pastor

I forgot to put the video link in my sermon notes yesterday.  HERE it is.

Genesis 45:5 is still speaking to me:  “And now do not be distressed or angry with yourselves because you sent me here….”  You know you’ve forgiven someone when you’re no longer concerned that they aren’t taking what they’ve done to you too hard.

Thank you for your support in our Pastoral renewal.  We love you all.

A Note From The Pastor

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey on my pastoral renewal.  If you haven’t done so, please feel free to do so on the link below.  Cathy and I love you and still feel called to Hanover Friends and feel that we have a future building together with you.  We want God’s will to be done, which includes input from you.  All surveys must be in by April 14th, at which time the denomination will give me feedback on what they feel God is saying through me, the Elders, my staff, and you!  You play an important part in God’s will for our church.  HERE is that link.  

If you missed last Sunday’s service, I encourage you to watch it on our church’s Facebook page. Someone asked me afterwards if I thought that Habakkuk’s message was for us today?  I do.

There’s a lot of talent at Hanover Friends.  I enjoyed the ministry last night of 12 people who sang and/or played music that blessed us.  You won’t want to miss the next time we do this!

A Note From The Pastor

Happy New Year to you!  I pray that 2024 will be a great & perhaps even better year than 2023 was for you.  We have much to be thankful for.

First off, let me encourage you to be in the Word.  There are many reading plans that can take you through the whole Bible in a year or the New Testament.  There is a reading plan in the church foyer you can pick up.  Of course, apply what you are reading.

I want to share some thoughts on my reading in Luke 2:41-52, the boy Jesus in the Temple.  What an interesting story!  Jesus was separated from his family for a few days and they found him in the temple conversing with the religious experts.  I was lost in a department store once for a few minutes and I was terrified.  Jesus seemed so calm and unafraid.  He was in his Father’s house after all!

I wondered where did he sleep those days?  What did he eat?  Did a priest or rabbi take him into his home?  Why didn’t the religious guys go searching for his parents?  I had more questions than answers but it was a fascinating story of how special Jesus is even as a boy!

Pastor Ed

A Note From The Pastor

I pray that you are experiencing Jesus every day this Christmas season (as our Mission Statement reads.)  Draw closer to Him through the Word and prayer.  Draw closer to Him through praise.  Assemble with the saints and give Him glory.

I hope that you will join together on Sunday morning & evening for our Christmas Eve services.  The evening service at 6:00 p.m. will be candlelight with communion.

On Sunday the 31st at 6:00 p.m., we will gather together informally to share God’s stories from 2023 and pray for the new year.

Pastor Ed

A Note From The Pastor

We all know Israel is fighting for its existence against Hamas, a terrorist group that governs the Gaza strip, a tiny sliver of Israel in the S.W. corner of the country on the border with Egypt.  Israel needs to eliminate Hamas leadership to help ensure the safety of its citizens going forward.

As the war continues, the danger is other nations getting involved.  There’s the Hezbollah terror group ruling Lebanon.  There’s Syria, Turkey and most importantly, Iran.  Iran funds Hamas, Hezbollah & the Houthis in Yemen.

Bible prophecy tells us that events will happen in the future.  That’s why you should always keep one eye on Israel.  We know the Battle of Armageddon will be fought there and Christ will return there to establish His Kingdom.  Keep your eye on Israel.

There’s a prophecy in Ezekiel 38 that I believe has not been fulfilled in the past.  I believe it has a future fulfillment.  I also believe it is not the Battle of Armageddon mentioned in Revelation 16.  Ezekiel 38:1-6 lists the nations who will come against Israel in the later years (vv. 8, 16) Gog, a future leader & Magog, the land he rules, is mysterious and enigmatic.  Meshech and Tubal are places in modern day Turkey, a country outspoken against Israel and who has recently threatened them.  Turkey’s leader is Erdogan.  He’s someone to keep an eye on.

Persia is the ancient name for Iran, who we know is openly hostile against Israel vowing their destruction.  Cush is Ethiopia which is a Muslim nation.  Put is Libya, also Muslim.  Gomer is either Turkey or the ancient Cimmerians who lived north of the Black Sea.  Beth-togarmah is also a region of S.E. Turkey and Syria.  Uttermost parts of the north could refer to Russia.

The very nations outspoken against Israel right now are included in the Ezekiel 38 prophecy.  It bears watching and praying which is what Jesus said we must do.  We’re living in perilous times and we must be ready.  This is no time to ignore God and His Word but be walking closely with Him.

I wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

A Note From The Pastor

Election Day is tomorrow.  If you haven’t voted, I encourage you to do so.  Voting is a privilege we can participate in America.  Vote your Christian morals & values.

Speaking as a private citizen, I plan to vote no on the School Board issue.  Here’s why.  I had a small part in our own George Sutton being on the Hanover School Board during a very important time in our local schools history.  I spoke for him before the Board of Supervisors.  Sean Davis, the Henry District Supervisor, selected George, who represented Christians well on the Board.  We want Christian people like Sean Davis selecting Board members.  A yes vote means outside money comes into our county, it becomes political, and you can wind up with a school board like the northern Virginia counties.  We don’t need that.

So vote and pray.  Pray for godly men & women to be voted into the Virginia legislature.

Pastor Ed

A Note From The Pastor

Cathy and I are in Canton Ohio as you read this. I have all day meetings on Tuesday with all 4 teams together and we will see family while we are here.  

Ed Walsh, our new executive director, sent this link on sharing your faith for us on the leadership teams to discuss. I thought it was good and wanted to share it with you. Here are six 5-minute videos on witnessing. Please watch them all when you have time. 

Also, please be praying for an end to the war in Israel.  The sanctuary will be open the remainder of the week from 9-2 if you would like to come by to pray for Israel.

A Note From The Pastor

We had a wonderful time yesterday worshiping with Kyle, Julie, and Florence. Seeing her dedicated to the Lord was moving. Cathy and her other grandmother cried! We know you were in great hands with Dr. Dave Williams, who led the retreat on Saturday and worship on Sunday.  He had something to say about you that I wanted you to see. 

How truly wonderful and delightful it is to see brothers and sisters living together in sweet unity!” Psalms 133:1 TPT 

Good morning, brother! I trust you had a great time with your son and his family in Charlottesville yesterday. We did our best to hold down the fort!

I can’t begin to put into words how blessed we were to be with you and the rest of the church family at Hanover this past weekend. As I told the congregation on Sunday morning, Carol and I have never felt more warmly welcomed and genuinely loved and appreciated by God’s people. This is a pure gift from the Lord, and it is just as precious as our next breath or heartbeat.

I have no doubt that our experience of Spirit-filled hospitality is also a direct reflection of the way you and Cathy have sought to shepherd the flock entrusted to your care. Thank you, dear friends, for your faithful and sacrificial service on behalf of our brothers and sisters at Hanover Friends. Your ministry is bearing beautiful fruit for the sake of Christ and his Kingdom!

Please thank everyone again for taking such good care of us, for their strenuous level of preparation and engagement in the retreat process, for their receptivity to the message we were called to share, and for the very generous honorarium we received as well.

Press on, my friend. The Lord is with you, and the best is yet to come!


Pastor Ed

A Note From The Pastor

I’m looking forward to the Retreat on Saturday!  I’m praying that your heart will be renewed and revived, which could bring revival to our church!

Dr. David Williams will also be preaching on Sunday, so you’ll be able to hear him if you can’t come on Saturday.  Cathy and I will be at our granddaughter Florence’s baptism/dedication in Charlottesville that morning.

Be praying for Dave & Carol’s safety & anointing this weekend.

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