Note from The Pastor


Note from The Pastor


I appreciated Ryan’s passionate word in the service Sunday about not being lukewarm. If you weren’t in the service, check it out on the website, Facebook page or our YouTube page. I also loved the line in the Casting Crowns song: “If we’ve ever needed You, we need You NOW! We do need Him now. Seek Him, call out to Him. Let’s get desperate.

Cathy and I went for a walk as it was lightly raining. The sun came out in the western sky. Guess what we saw in the east? A rainbow. God saw it with us. Very cool.

I am beginning an 8-week sermon series on Revelation called “The Last Word.” Rather than teach verse by verse, I will hit on major themes. I encourage you to use RightNow Media along with this series. Follow the instructions in Lisa’s email last week and David Platt has one on Revelation. Do your own study, too!

Pastor Ed