Note from The Pastor


Note from The Pastor


I don’t like the masks. Wearing one fogs up my glasses. It’s hard to breathe. I’ve read plenty of articles that say they are worthless in protecting you from COVID 19. My loose-fitting cloth mask attests to that. Is it government overreach? A mask today, the mark of the Beast tomorrow. Where does it end?

Cathy and I visited family in Ohio last week. It was good to see them! We visited my Aunt in an Assisted Living facility and Cathy’s mom in one. We were required to wear a mask to be with them outside. It was hot out and the mask didn’t help. But I could tell by my Aunt’s words, me wearing that mask was very important to her.

That was eye opening for me. I wanted to see and talk to her. She wanted me to wear a mask. So, I did. That’s a solid reason for wearing one right now.

It reminded me of Paul’s reasoning in Romans 14. He’s talking about eating meat that was in the Pagan Temple’s butcher shop. Some of it was used in sacrificing and some was sold. Paul had no problem eating the sold meat. Some Christians did. So he said he wouldn’t eat meat if it caused his brother to stumble.

I don’t like the mask. I will wear one temporarily if it gives comfort to my brother or sister.

Pastor Ed