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Note from The Pastor


Note from The Pastor


Ted, Harold, Carl and I had a good meeting today with our Realtor, Susan Jones and prospective buyer, Eric Liebowitz of Casto Company, land developers.

I was impressed with Eric and could see us reaching and agreement on our land in the future.

I also thought I would weigh in on what’s happening in America with the riots. You’ve read and heard a lot of opinions, so one more won’t kill you! I’ll be brief.

We were all horrified over George Floyd’s death by the Minneapolis police officer. No one would or should defend that. Most Americans are horrified over the senseless rioting and looting. This is a far cry from peacefully protesting police brutality or racial injustice which most American’s would agree on.

For me, I can’t answer how much “systemic racism” there is in America or in the human heart. I do know there is sin there. To me, it’s a sin issue. As a sin issue, there is only one solution – Jesus. Until someone surrenders his or her heart to Jesus, sin is going to raise up it’s ugly head in many forms.

God created every human being. He loves every one of them. They have equal worth and dignity and should be treated fairly, justly and in love and kindness (Romans 12:9-10). If people would do that, the world would be a better place. As a Christian, I can do that now by the power of the Holy Spirit who lives inside me. You can, too!

Preach the gospel rather than politics. Encourage a heart change which can lead to a head change. Then perspectives, viewpoints, opinions can change.

Pastor Ed