A Note from the Pastor


A Note from the Pastor


Revival comes when the Spirit of God blows over a place. It is a Sovereign work of God that can’t be manipulated. But, according to Charles Finney, there are things a Christian can do to prepare when it comes.


  1. When the wickedness of the world grieves and humbles us enough, we will cry out to God.


  1. When a spirit of prayer for revival is kindled. People join together to pray earnestly.


  1. When the minister preaches against sin and for God’s power and holiness.


  1. When Christians confess their sins to God and one another.


  1. When Christians willingly make sacrifices, allowing God to do what He wants with them.


Pastor Dave will be preaching Saturday evening, Pastor Charles will lead a time of prayer and reflection on Sunday evening and I will be preaching on Sunday morning and Monday night. Join us at 6:30 for a “Time of Refreshing.”


Pastor Ed