A Note from the Pastor


A Note from the Pastor



I hope you will attend some or all of the Time of Refreshing (revival) March 20th– 22nd at 6:30 p.m., and also Sunday morning March 21st. Invite a friend, too!


When is revival needed? Probably the best answer is always! What are the signs it is needed?


  1. When there is a lack of love in a church, when jealousy, gossip, and divisions are prevalent.


  1. When people are content with dead formalism or are living in sin.


  1. When unbelieving culture is influencing the church in negative ways.


  1. When lost people in the surrounding culture are dying and going to hell and the church is unconcerned.


I don’t have a sense that we as a church are living in all 4 of these attitudes, but I do know that most of us could be more loving, holy, and passionate for the lost around us.


So be praying God will sovereignly use these 3 days (and after) to challenge and refresh us spiritually.


Pastor Ed