A Note from the Pastor


A Note from the Pastor


When babies are soon to be born, families and friends of the expectant mother throw a “baby shower”, they “shower” the mother with helpful gifts.

When Jesus was born He too was “showered”, showered with praise. The birth narratives are wrapped in praise. Ten different times, either people or angels offered joyful, spontaneous praise to God because of Jesus the Savior’s arrival to earth.

Nine out of the ten praise events occur in the first two chapters of Luke’s Gospel. Gabriel’s announcement to Mary, John the Baptist leaping for joy in Elizabeth’s womb in the presence of pregnant Mary, Elizabeth’s response, Zechariah, John’s father’s praise. Want more? The Shepherd’s reaction to the angel’s announcement & the angel choir praising Him. Simeon in the Temple & Anna, too. We can’t forget about the Magi’s praise in Matthew.

Jesus received praise from all walks of life and people. Let’s add our praise to theirs this Christmas.

Pastor Ed