A Note From The Pastor


A Note From The Pastor

There is room in the first four pews on Sunday morning for you if you would like more space between yourself and others. We can also open up the two doors by the organ on one side and the piano on the other for you to come to worship and not take the hallway. Let me know Sunday morning if you’d like the doors open. We will get through this together, as it is a blessing to worship corporately.

Check out what’s happening on our facebook and YouTube pages and our website which has the sermon recorded weekly.

There is an apologetics conference coming up October 1-2 at Knox Reformed Presbyterian Church located at 4883 Southard Lane, Mechanicsville, VA 23116

One of the speakers is an apologist that Tom Jamara has been listening to for a while, Eli Ayala (his YouTube channel is “Revealed Apologetics”). Anthony Rogers has a channel and hosts debates with Muslims.

This might be really good, since the LDS are building a huge “church” on Staples Mill Rd, we will see more opportunities to witness to them, but you have to know how to internally critique their worldview. Same with JW and Islam.

Tom and Ginger will be attending.

Tickets are available at the following link which you can copy and paste into your browser:



From Caroline Grube: We were told that the response has been overwhelming. They are very grateful for the outpouring of love and concern. BUT we need to stop donations except very specific items. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY BOUGHT OR ORDERED OR CHOSEN SPECIFIC DONATIONS (scarves, small men’s pants, boy’s pants and size 7-9 men’s shoes), please drop off at my home in Bishop’s Park…7803 Longtail Lane, Mechanicsville. Leave on my porch. You have been so generous with monetary donations and we are using those funds to purchase priority items. Please CEASE MONETARY DONATIONS.
I will use any funds already given to me but I need to evaluate what is next.
I am blessed to serve as your hands in meeting this need. Churches and volunteers are doing what governmental agencies could not do. The Lord is in the midst of this!!