A Note From The Pastor


A Note From The Pastor

Our denomination is offering us the opportunity to bless two young ministry interns with the chance to learn & grow with us.  We will be blessed by their ministry.

Weston is a young man from Mid-America yearly meeting.  He is interested in youth ministry and would be working closely with Pastor Charles.  Weston may need to borrow a car while with us.

Kayla is a young lady from our Kingston, NY church, a part of Eastern Region.  She has a car.  She is interested in worship ministry and would be working with Jodi and our praise team.

Both would also have the opportunity to do camping ministry at Wakefield this summer.  One or both could possibly help at our sister church, Living Hope under Pastor John Huber.  Perhaps our Day School could also provide ministry experience.

I am so excited about these two young people!  I hope you are, too.  The denomination pays their salary.  What we need to do is provide housing & some meals for them during their stay.  The beginning time frame will probably be the first week of June and the ending time around the second week of July.  Four to six weeks max.

Would you consider opening your home to one of these young people?  Will you pray about it and see if God is prompting you to help meet this need?

It’s interesting that these two make five people recently who have come our way needing temporary housing.  I wonder if this is a resource God may want our church to provide to our community?  Food for thought.

Would you please let me know if you are willing and have space for a student for this time period?  We will be negotiating with Dave Mercadante about this soon.  Thank you for your consideration!