A Note From The Pastor


A Note From The Pastor

Barna and other researchers show that Christianity is waning in America, declining in numbers and influence.  That is the reality we must deal with.

The Church in America has worked hard to be “relevant” to an unbelieving culture, and in my opinion, compromised.  Or we have excluded ourselves into our own “Christian ghettos.”  We have our publishing houses, colleges, schools, music, movies, conferences, etc.  It worked well for a time.  I believe the Christian bubble is bursting.  

The world then attacks Christianity as “not relevant” and we fire back with conspiracy theories and political hatred.  We have hoped too much in politicians, political parties and greed theology that would take us to the Promised Land.

We don’t need to fear a godless future or yearn for our long idealized Christian past.  We have Jesus!  The Holy Spirit is in our midst!  The Church is at its best and most appealing self when it is pouring itself out for others, both within its walls and outside.

The Church is for Christians, not unbelievers.  We gather to worship, to equip, to empower, to direct our people to go into the world and be the hands & feet of Jesus.  Then, when outsiders come into the Church, they are welcomed, loved, and inspired by our godly lives of love. This is the Church we want and strive for, full of love and service. The Church becomes contagious and the old way of Church unnecessary.

We don’t save America by being angrier or by isolating, but serving in love.

I hope you are in the Word as the new year begins. 21 days to form new habits! There is also a year-round Bible plan in the foyer.

Men and boys – join us in the gym Sunday, January 15th for chili and football. Let’s build friendships!

Temple Litton was a regular attender before Covid. She hasn’t returned, but misses everyone and is doing well.

We are making improvements in our facility. You’ll notice them in the upcoming weeks!

Pastor Ed