A Note From The Pastor


A Note From The Pastor

Pastor’s Email


I want to honestly share my heart with you in this email. I am extremely concerned about what is going on in America. I’ve never lived through a crazier time when everything we’ve known in this country is going downhill. Never before has an event impacted the whole world before in my life time like COVID. Not even WW1 or WW2 did. They didn’t impact every country. Here are a few things I read about recently that concern me.

• Green Zone relocation camps for people determined to be at high risk for the coronavirus.
• Mandatory masking in schools for children two-years old and up in Virginia.
• Vaccine passports in places like New York City and probably coming in other cities and businesses and involving interstate travel.
• Mandatory vaccinations for some State and Federal workers and many businesses are demanding them. Future mandated vaccines for every person?
• Known treatments that work well against coronavirus disallowed.
• Big Tech and the main-stream media censoring any objections to the government narrative.
• Discriminating against the unvaccinated who have good reasons to not want to be vaccinated.
• What new variant or disease is coming that vaccines won’t be effective in preventing disease and death?

My biggest concern is the gradual loss of freedoms that is rapidly progressing. What can we do? Pray. Pray hard. Say no. If we just roll over and accept the continuing loss of freedoms, I fear we will reach a point when it’s too late. It seems people right now, including Christians, are as C.S. Lewis said, “men without chests.”

The Lord told me in 1991, “prepare My people for hard times ahead.” I think I am getting a glimpse of those times coming.

On a different note, if you are coming to the picnic at Camp Hanover Saturday at noon, and haven’t been baptized before, let me know. I plan to baptize in the swimming pool.

We’ve seen what’s happening in Afghanistan. Refugees will be coming to America soon. Caroline Grube has a list of items that would be helpful. Please feel free to drop any of these items off at the Church Office. If you have any questions, please contact Caroline at caroline.grube@gmail.com.

Please, remember that these families will be at Ft. Lee for only a few days and living out of suitcases until they arrive at their new communities in various states. All their meals are provided, so no need for food other than light snacks for traveling.

• Twin- and Full-size blankets – preferably dark blue or gray.
• Small plug-in hot water heaters/kettles-for baby formula.
• Healthy snacks-i.e., trail mix, dried fruit, goldfish, etc.
• Small Ziplock bags for snacks.
• Travel size hand sanitizers
• Wet wipes pack
• Diapers (various sizes)
• Plastic bottles and nipples
• Travel sippy cups-including some with two handles
• Coloring books for children – be culturally sensitive as many of these
families are practicing Muslims
• Box of crayons or washable markers
• Travel size toothpaste & toothbrushes
• Comb pack – including for teenaged girls
• Simple puzzles – children and scenic
• Lip balm/chap stick

Pastor Ed