A Note From The Pastor


A Note From The Pastor

I have really enjoyed the 2 revival meetings so far!  I hope you have, too.  Join us tonight and tomorrow night at 6:30.

Men, remember to sign up for the shoot & fish outing on Saturday, April 2nd from 10-3 p.m. at David Vaughan’s, 2198 Old Church Road, Mechanicsville.  We’ll have brats for lunch.  The cost is a donation for lunch & pay the cost of whatever ammo you may use from another shooter.

You’re probably aware the ACLU is suing the Hanover County School Board over the transgender issue.  I have included parts of 2 emails from a member of the Family Foundation for your information, prayer support and action.

Pastor Ed

“Hello Friends!  Thought I would throw everyone on the same email so we’re looped in on efforts to have a strong showing for Parental Rights at the HC Board of Supervisors meeting this coming Wednesday night. I spoke with Bill and Kim today and most others were at the SUH meeting last night.”


  NEED OUR SUPPORTERS AT THIS MEETING.  We’re asking as many of our Hanover supporters (and beyond) as we can to attend and visibly show their support for Parental Rights at this meeting, as represented by the HC School Board in recent months, around the Transgender Policy issue.   It is confirmed that LGBTQ activists are planning to send a large contingent to this meeting with new shirts and signs to demand that HC Supervisors pressure their appointed School Board members to go along with their agenda.  Not sure how early people should arrive but 4:30 sounds like a solid bet, given the crowd expected.  Meeting starts at 6pm, 3/23, at the Hanover County Courthouse.

NATIONAL STAGE.  Hanover is one of the most conservative counties in VA, but is in close proximity to Richmond.  All eyes in the state are on Hanover County, to see how the School Board, representing a very conservative Parental base, handles this pressure.  If they do not stand strong against this minority view in their community, albeit intimidating opposition, it is believed that other VA school boards will follow and not fight.  Hanover County even made FOX NEWS yesterday, regarding this issue and the ACLU’s lawsuit.  Our own Kim Thurston was cited in the article, showing her support for HCSB’s engagement of Alliance Defending Freedom.  Read the article here:  https://www.foxnews.com/us/virginia-aclu-uses-splc-hate-group-claim-to-condemn-school-board-investigation-on-transgender-policy.  The BOS meeting is expected to get media time across the state and nationally, and we need our side to be strongly visible on the TV screen with our signs. We need our Supervisors to see and feel our strong support.

As info, a couple of us listened in to a public zoom call held by LGBTQ activists this past Wednesday evening and took notes on their current initiatives.  164 participants called in representing Hanover County and others outside the county that are watching to see what Hanover does.  Their supporters are well organized, angry at HC School Board’s decision to engage ADF, and ready to full-court-press both the Board of Supervisors and School Board members (as they are linked by appointment).  They want to know who, specifically, engaged the ADF and have submitted a FOIA request to understand how this was established. They are committed to pushing LGBTQ acceptance on the community at large by scheduling events, education, training, to “normalize” it.  They are pushing their own petition to get school board members elected and not appointed in HC (by hoping to have this item added to the ballot). They want universal support with policy change from the top of the education system down.

Also, wanted to share a great resource on why Parental Rights matter, for your reference, linked here:  https://www.familyfoundation.org/blog/conversationtips-parentalrights

Finally, please keep the Supervisors and School Board Members in your steadfast prayers.  They are in the center of a spiritual battle and need our prayers and encouragement to stand strong.  We give all the glory to God for the great things He hath done and will do, for His Truths, with our faithful service.  Please be encouraged by the scripture shared by Candi in her email below and remember that this battle is the Lord’s!


We need your help!  

If you are a current Hanover County resident, please join us by signing the petition linked below TODAY!  A majority of Hanoverians stand behind the Hanover County School Board and its November vote against adopting the most concerning portions of the state’s model transgender policies.  Sadly, in response, the ACLU has filed a lawsuit against the HCSB.  We cannot allow outside groups to threaten local communities with legal action just because they don’t agree with the local decision made!

We know Hanover support is strong on this position and we want to quantify it for our local and state leaders as soon as possible.  Please stand with us by taking the following two actions TODAY:

  1. Click the link below and sign the petition, showing your steadfast support for Hanover’s decision on this very important issue!
  2. Share this petition with others you know that also support HCSB’s November vote!

Please sign the petition here:  https://familyfoundation.salsalabs.org/protectlocalcontrol-hanover/index.html 

We are stronger when we speak together.  Thank you!