A Note from the Pastor


A Note from the Pastor

Continue to pray for revival.  America has experienced them before and we sure do need one now.  Greg Laurie lists a few lessons from previous revivals.

  1. Come to church with a sense of expectancy.
  2. Worship was passionate & heartfelt.
  3. There was a hunger for the Word of God.
  4. They believed Jesus was coming back.
  5. They invited people to Church & to know Christ.

Here’s another one that I know is crucial:

  1. It was bathed in prayer.

Richard Meadors is asking if anyone has a large car trailer so he can tow the 2013 Church van to his shop to fix the damage that the vandals did to it.  Otherwise, he will have to have it towed.  Contact Richard if you have a trailer at (804) 496-9821.

Congratulations to Eric & Emily McKinley on the birth of their daughter, Brianna Grace.  We rejoice with them for this addition to their family!