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Kibbes Family en and Charity Kibbe along with their two daughters Lydia (9) and Evelyn (7), serve as missionaries to the country of Thailand. Both children of missionaries themselves, they knew early on the work that God was calling them to. In 2011 Damascus Friends Church in Damascus, OH partnered with the Kibbes specifically with a heart for the Lahu people. After spending a year in Damascus researching, planning, and fundraising, the Kibbes moved to Thailand to fulfill their calling. Since then God has proven Himself faithful and continues to open doors to further the message of Christ, and has revealed an even deeper need for the Truth to be taken to the surrounding countries of Laos, Myanmar, and China. The Kibbe's will arrive in Mechanicsville on Saturday, February 18th and will worship with us on Sunday. If you are interested in hosting the Kibbe's on Saturday please contact Elizabeth Shelton at 804-216-3321 or at elizshelton733@gmail.com. There will be a luncheon after the service to allow time to interact with the Kibbe's.

Watch this video to learn more about the Kibbe's ministry