Welcome to Hanover Evangelical Friends Church
Our Mission, Vision & Values
1 John 5:1

ur Mission: Encouraging All to Experience Jesus Everyday

ur Vision: As followers of Jesus we will live out our core values wherever we are

ur Values: Being unified, joined together and molded as one...

  • Biblical Truth - An unwavering adherence to the Word of God
  • Worship - Adoring, Honoring, Celebrating, Praising God
  • Prayer - Relating to God through conversation (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication)
  • Obedience - Hearing, trusting and submitting to God's Word
  • Service - Using our time, God given talents and resources to share Jesus with our chruch, community and world with integrity
  • Caring Relationships - Authentically loving God and loving people

If you would like more information about HEFC, or you would like to arrange a time to meet with our Pastor, Ed Vinson, please contact us to send us an email, or call the church office at (804) 730-9512.